26 Roundhay Mount
West Yorkshire

Josh has numerous years experience in the co-operative sector, working in the community led housing sector and worker co-ops as well as establishing and living in housing co-operatives.  

In addition to supporting other people’s co-ops and social enterprises, he brings the user experience of having established housing co-operatives, being a member of a worker co-op in the food industry, and being a member of CBSs, CSAs, and food co-ops. Josh is currently undertaking a professional qualification in Co-operative Business Development to augment his existing skills and experience in the community business sector. Josh is also working on a secondary housing co-operative model designed to help mutualise existing co-operative resources.

I'm passionate about supporting people to develop and grow their ideas and passions into sustainable and flourishing community enterprises. Through demystifying the more technical aspects of business planning I believe groups can effectively create empowering and democratic organisations that in turn nourish their local communities and inspire further positive change in the world around them.